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Mouhriz and Olivier were playing at the same party when they met each other. Instead of playing solo that night they decided to play together and immediately there was a chemistry. In 2015 they started under the name Loud ‘N Bright, playing at different venues in the Netherlands and also organising their own club nights.

they also make music together and have released several tracks and remixes on spotify  Soundcloud and Youtube. which led to playing bigger festivals in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. Loud ‘N Bright has managed to stand out from the crowd and gain recognition with their innovative style of tech house and melodic house. 

'Our goal is to make an unique sound, which people across the world will recognize. we need to work hard to acomplish our goals  but the best thing about it is that we can party a lot along the way.'

We are ready to get louder, are you?



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